My Store : How to ?


How to Setup My online Store ?

Create an account and register your store / shop. Once activated, you are up and going !!

What are the benefits ?

We help you setup the online store, focusing on the primary aspects to get you customers

  1. 0. ALWAYS OPEN!.

    The store we create, includes all the little information the buyer is looking for. the store system will help them make a decision on the products as well. The feedback system, helps get the sale to a close.. ALL this even if you are not online.

  2. 1. Managing Products.Easily

    Click a pic. Put a price and upload basic details. Your product ad is ready.

  3. 2. Customer Relations

    Having multiple channels of communication ( whatsapp, phone, sms, mail, fb..... ), often clutter communication. We sometimes miss out. Once the order is placed, both the seller and buyer can easily communicate easily. and everything is recorded.

    And.. you will not miss out, we will remind you :D

  4. 3. Managing Orders

    Most orders by shops / traders generally involves a negotiation phase. The messaging system works along with the order. Each order can be updated by the seller based on communication.

  5. 4. Essential Information Available 24 x7

    When a buyer makes a approach to buy anything, there are some info that is repeatedly shared. for instance shipping method, payment mode, Payment charges if through paypal etc etc. All this information can be easily put in store pages. Buyer has this first hand information all the time.

    Seller can change the information to add or specify as time goes. This is always available for the seller in the admin.

  6. 5. Building Reputation

    Trade is all about Trust. New buyers can always check sellers reputation , past reviews to be sure, they are dealing with a reliable person. They can even meet, negotiate and work out a long term.

    Store reviews and product reviews are kept separate so that, the buyer can take a call according to her/his needs.

  7. 6. A website always up for buyers

    Sellers can really focus on the data that is business specific than bothering about the technicalities of the website / app maintainence.

  8. 7. Buying made simpler

    Buying is made simple. Once an order is placed, the supplier information is available for the buyer. The buyer can easily make a repeat order by calling up or sending a message.

Is there a cost involved ?

we charge a very nominal charge for service of RS 1000 ( 18 USD ) on an yearly subscription basis. For more details, check the pricing page. Feel free to write to us for special requirements. We can accomodate special circumstances, as long the pets are happy!

Order Fulfillment Assurance

We have made the plan flexible to accomodate for all types of sellers. Each plan comes with a period validity. The store will be live for this period, no questions asked. However, if the system does not bring them the promised leads, the period will be extended till the promised leads are fulfilled.

In the case of BABY PLAN, 50 orders are promised. Suppose the store is able to get more than 50 leads within the said period, the subscription stays alive till the due date. If the store is able to get only less leads; say 40, the subscription stays alive untill all 50 leads are provided to the store.

More details about plans and pricing, here.

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