About Petoos Stores



Petoos Stores is a online store creating engine, that will take your product data from you and create a complete new online store.

What is needed

You just need to create an account to create your first store. The store details will be automatically added to the yellow pages as a Pet Shop in your locality.

Basic Details

During store creation, the following static pages are created. These pages need info from your end regarding 3 things.

  1. About Us

    You can share basic details about teh business, its establishment, the types of services you provide. You can edit YOUR about us by going to:My Account » My Business Listing Tab  » About Us Page.

  2. Shipping

    If donot ship products, you need not update this page. If there is no data given to the system, the system will not show the page.

    If you do provide and/ or hand deliveries, you can include the information as which which service you use, time to process and time it takes for the items to reach the customer. You can just provide a rough idea of the process you follow. If you do provide Flat rate shipping, you can mention the same there.

    You can edit the shipping page by going to: My Account » My Online Store Tab  » Edit Shipping Page.

  3. Payment Page

    List the mode of payments you accept. Do include extra charges if any, when using a payment mode. You can add this data here: My Account » My Online Store Tab  » Edit Payment Page.


You can manage the products easily using the panel in the "My Products" Page. You can get to the page by going to:My Account » My Online Store Tab  » My Products Page.

You edit the product details, adjust stock and make changes to the pricing here.

Order Process Flow

The basic order process flow can be summarised as below:

  • 1. Store owner places the products on sale.
  • 2. Customer buys the product and confirms the order online. You can review you orders in the you account page. the navigation is: My Account » My Online Store Tab  » My Orders Page.
  • 3. Finalising the order.

    The store owner can edit the order, provide discounts, add tax line and any additional charge detail involved here. The message system will record all part o the conversation. the store owner can edit the order based on such discussions/negotitations.

  • 4. Order Payment

    Once the order is finalised, the customer pays the store owner directly. We donot handle / process payment. We just help you getting more sales.

  • 5. Shipping and Feedback

    Once shipment is complete, the buyer and seller can leave feedback for eachother. The feedback are visible at the store end as well.


If you still have questions, please contact us.