About Petoos Referrals



Petoos Referrals is a system when a person can refer another to join. since, Petoos is focussed on pets, and both are helping in the process, Both get additional benefits.

Start : Create an account

Create an account to get a referral code. Once an account is created, a 6 alphannumeric code is generated. Create Account

Where can i see it ?

Click on My Account link on the left side menu. Under Account tab, you will find page link for all referral activity.

You can see the referral code there.

Cool !! How does it work ?

You can share the code to trusted business owners. Once they sign in and complete payment for our services, your account will get the credit for the account. Make sure she/he uses the code during sign up process.

How do we benefit ?

Referrer: The person who sends the code, gets a credit of 25% ( based on your location ) for each confirmed sign up.

Business Owner: Gets an additional 2 months of account validity, credited to her/his account.

When do i get paid ?

Your account will get credits once the business owner completes 1 month of operation at Petoos App. For indian customers, payment can be sent out via Bank transfer or BHIM UPI. For customers outside india, payments will be sent via paypal.


If you still have questions, please contact us.