About Petoos App


Petoos is a mini bridge to the pet world. you will get access to service providers, agencies, shops and other service providers who can help your pet. We try to do this using 3 tools rt now.

Petoos Yellow Pages

Yellow pages has listing of service providers. the information is updated as and when we get new info. We are introducing ratings as well to make sure, the parent can make better judgement of the service provided. To help the service providers, we will be working on additional pages ( service specific ), so that they can provide the users with all the info about their business to the pet parent.

Petoos Stores

Petoos stores helps store owners put their products on sale. We are currently working with brands, to provide more accurate information on the products. Currently, we are offering the shops for a nominal fee. Petoos stores comes with complete customer, catalog, stock and order management tools. More features will be added in the future versions.

Petoos Classifieds ( currently for India Only )

It is a tiny e-zine, which we publish daily. This contains all the latest listings of pets for adoption / sale. We try to accomodate as many ads as possible to the magazine. On average, there are about 400-500 ads published daily. To put in your ad, please send us the details to ads@petoos.com.


We tried to keep the app alive for long years using our small savings. But realised that it was not completely possible to keep this free for long. Additionally, we had to make sure only reliable and credible sources were listed. This involves more time too. So we charge a very nominal charge for service and product listings on an yearly basis. For more details, check the pricing page. Feel free to write to us for special requirements.

In the meantime, we will be working on a variety of apps for the pet industry. If you think you have an idea, that will help Pets & the industry, write to us.